painful drawing. Then I quickly took a high pigtail, snatched my bag and my jacket and stormed out of the house. Halfway to the bus stop, the already crowded bus overtook me. I started to run, but I knew it was futile. I had missed him. Again ... In an hour the next bus came. I walked slowly towards downtown. Maybe I could sit in a baker somewhere, so I'd be spared at least from the rain. After ten minutes, which felt like an eternity, I finally passed a baker. I ordered a sandwich and a capuccino. I should be so slow really worried about my coffee ... I sat down in the farthest corner of the little bakery and stirred thought-lost in my capuccino. Only a loud clearing of the throat let me back into the reality ät return. Suddenly a man was sitting opposite me. I was frightened

and had to suppress an outcry. How could I not have noticed that he had made himself comfortable at the same table? I looked at him. He was wearing a black suit, and a gray long coat over it. He had to be around forty, had a three-day beard and wore a gray hat on his dark brown hair. "Here, I'll give it to you." He handed me an envelope. "What is it and who are you?" I asked as easily as possible. "This is not so important and on the 'What is it?' I can not give you an answer, since I do not know for myself. He got up and went towards the exit. "Wait, wait! Who sent you?" I ran after him. "I can not answer you ..." He went out the door and accelerated his step. I wanted to go after him but was stopped by a bakery salesman. "Sorry, you have to pay, you can not just go!" Her voice
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Steroide auf die Muskelmasse
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Your Photo a awasome. I ask Jill to send me pictures of the kids Ask her if they can be 5x7.
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